Battle of Surabaya Trailer

Battle of Surabaya – Official Trailer

The story opens with a powerful visualization of the bombing of Hiroshima by the Allies that signifies the defeat of Japan. “Indonesia’s got it’s freedom, that’s what I heard on the Radio, Japan has surrendered !!” Musa said. But skies of Surabaya turned red with the Flag incident and the arrival of the Allies who were boarded by the Netherlands. Not to mention the interference by some youth of the Kipas Hitam group opposed by the Republicans. Resident Sudirman, Governor Suryo, Mr. Moestopo, Bung Tomo and other figures uplifting the Surobaya people and Indonesian youths rise up against the occupation.

This story is an adaptation from the event of 10 November 1945 in Surabaya. In addition to the real characters, there is a fictional character who is deliberately designed to reinforce a message that is to be conveyed. A message of war about the spirit, love of the homeland, and peace.

BATTLE OF SURABAYA – There is no glory in war!