What was the reason MSV Pictures chose a story about the battle in Surabaya?

  • The battle in Surabaya was the greatest battle after World War II. The news of this war affected the whole world. The number of victims in this war is counted as the largest in Asia. During the second world war the allies never lost a General, but the battle in Surabaya cost them two Generals.
  • Apart from that the battle in Surabaya became a milestone in the history of the Dutch who started to rethink an open war, taking the diplomacy way instead. This shows how big our nation is, and the Indonesian National Military in Surabaya at that time were ready to face war.

When will the movie be released?

  • It will be released on 20 August 2015

The hero of Battle of Surabaya is a boy who works as a shoe-polisher. What kind of character is Musa? Why is he given such background?

  • Musa is a 13 year old boy who is rather reserved, also honest and brave. The reason why we choose this kind of hero? Because for us, a hero doesn’t appear just like those who are born with super powers. Heroism is grows from a process.

Apart from Musa, who are the other main characters in Battle of Surabaya? What are their roles in the film?

  • The hero in the story is Musa.
  • To support the hero, we created a fictive character named Yumna, a beautiful girl who is cheerful and bold. This character is the herald (instigator for the hero/the hero’s sidekick).
  • To add more supportive characters, we also created an antagonist named Danu. He is a good-looking man, galant and brave. This character is the ally.
  • There are two other characters who appear to be mentors for Musa. Yoshimura (a fictive character) and Resident Sudirman (a historical character).

Battle of Surabaya has the tagline “there is no glory in war!”. What does the tagline really mean, and why is is used as the tagline for Battle of Surabaya?

  • The essential meaning is that there is no victory/triumph in war. Our mission is to deliver a message of peace and humanity, not propaganda.
  • Whatever the events are, everyone experiences loss in war.

What are the values and message that are to be delivered through the film Battle of Surabaya?

  • The same as the previous answer. Apart from that we also intend to tell that every human undergoes a process to grow into a better person, in their own ways.

How long has the making of the film Battle of Surabaya been going?

  • About a year, the making of the concept only started around November 2012.

What are the challenges and obstacles during the making process of Battle of Surabaya?

  • The limited infrastructure and manpower competence, and also the compliance with appropriate quality standards of the global animation film industry.

The film hasn’t even been released, and Battle of Surabaya is already famous and has made the society enthusiastic. According to MSV Pictures, how is this so?

  1. It’s already the time for Animation film trend especially in Indonesia.
  2. The longing for Indonesian-made Animation film.
  3. The universal themes we present in our film, just like the animation, is about humanity. Also the genre is action adventure.