The Release of Battle of Surabaya the Series

poster-bos-series-4Battle of Surabaya (BoS) the Series has been released on November 1st, 2016 on YouTube. The first series entitled “Dureen!” telling about Yumna and Musa who find durian which then are stolen by Irul and Cak Sholeh, got more than 1000 hits within 24 hours of uploading.

Targeted for kids and teenagers, BoS the Series is a spin-off from the renowned film Battle of Surabaya released on August 20th, 2015. The series tells the adventures of the film’s beloved characters: Musa, Danu, Yumna, Sholehuddin, Irul, Mirah, John Wright and Kazuhiro as they live their colorful and imaginative lives during the Surabaya War in 1945.

This series is produced to fulfill the demand towards Indonesian animatic films which are not only entertaining but also educating, since it is hard to find such films which combine cultural wisdom, moral values and nationalism these days. Further, it is to encourage other animation intellectual properties to produce more animation films, so one day Indonesia can be known as one of the most influential animation makers.

Battle of Surabaya will be Screened in Japan

Battle of Surabaya will be Screened in Japan
Battle of Surabaya will be Screened in Japan

The Battle of Surabaya, animation film produced by MSV Pictures, has been shortlisted for another international film festival. Successfully won the best feature animation movie at the International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF) 2016 and nine other awards since 2013, the film released internationally with the title November 10th is going to take part in New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2016. This 2D animation-movie will be set to screen together with other acclaimed movies like Paprika, The Wind Rises and Tiger & Bunny that will be held on 3-6 November 2016 in New Chitose Airport, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

Set during the November war in Surabaya, this film tells about the adventure of a local boy called Musa, a shoe polisher, that later becomes a currier for local people and society soldiers. He and his friend, Yumna, are trapped in the war which is an important event for the history of Indonesia. The Battle of Surabaya was released on 20th August 2015 to celebrate 70th

Indonesia independence day. It tries to convey the messages how the freedom fighters showed their patriotism and gave supreme sacrifice to take their freedom back from the Dutch because there is no glory in war.

Battle of Surabaya di Vietnam


Saat ini Audensi Tim BoS bersama Bp. Jean Anes Konjen Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam dan jajarannya dalam rangka dukungan distribusi film Battle of Surabaya kawasan Vietnam. Semoga film animasi Indonesia makin dikenal dunia. Terima kasih untuk Indonesia dan Kementerian Luar Negeri RI. Merdeka!


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