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Battle Of Surabaya

Terrifying thumps of bombs reverberated hitting the city of Hiroshima, destroyed and devastated the entire city. People scattered aimlessly, desperately ran to save themselves. It was the scene which started the movie entitled Battle of Surabaya. Taking the background of the collapse of Japan in World War II as a historical angle for a major event of 10 November 1945, as well as a dramatic story at Yamato Hotel. A piece of the story that describes the role of the youth and the movement of the struggle for independence in repelling the allied forces from Surabaya.

This historical-fiction film brings real people and fictional characters, such as Musa, a child from a humble family struggling to live in the middle of the bitterness of a war. Due to economic condition, Musa had to work as a shoeshine boy and served as a Code Messenger, and struggled with the dramatic realities, which were full of dilemmas and emotions. The thrilling scenes of Musa's story as a Code Messenger facing with a gang of the black fan spying are also presented in this film. A work of Indonesian filmmakers in the form of a 2D film with different and entertaining shades, which also contains values of heroism, humanity and patriotism.

Main Characters

    Battle Of Surabaya Character
    Battle Of Surabaya Character
    Battle Of Surabaya Character
    Battle Of Surabaya Character
    Battle Of Surabaya Character

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