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Battle Of Surabaya - Film Animasi Indonesia

After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Allies, Japan ended the war against the Allies. Japan's surrender to the Allies was signed on the USS Missouri. Indonesia was independent! Free from the Japanese occupation. But the skies of Surabaya are red again. The incident of the flag at Hotel Yamato and the arrival of the Allies who boarded the Netherlands demanding rights over the Dutch East Indies. On the other hand also there are interferences by the youths of Kipas Hitam, a paramilitary organization formed by the Japanese. Resident Sudirman, Governor Suryo, Mr. Moestopo, Bung Tomo and other figures uplift the people of Surabaya & Indonesian youth to rise up against the occupation.

The story Battle of Surabaya is an adaptation of the events back in 10 November 1945 in Surabaya. Musa, a shoeshine teenager carries a mission as a messenger who delivers secret letters to the Indonesian soldiers and militia fighters. Apart from confidential letters, Musa also delivers personal letters to the fighters' families. Along with his friend Yumna (Maudy Ayunda) and Danu (Reza Rahadian), Musa experiences a great adventure costing him the loss of his loved ones. How the adventure of Musa is in accomplishing missions in spite of the enemy and the threat of war at the time, will be played in Cinemas starting on August 20, 2015!

BATTLE OF SURABAYA - There is no glory in war!